JLG97 abstracts

The 97th Journées Luxembourgeoises de Géodynamique (JLG97) took place from 2–4 October 2013 at the Parc Hotel, Luxembourg.

List of Participants and Scientific Program

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Submitted abstracts of the participants

JLG97, October 2-4, 2013
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
M. Bonatz Opening lecture: Gravimetric aspects of the present cosmological standard model – Dark Matter und Dark Energy PDF icon
J. Schall, A. Eicker, and J. Kusche Global and regional gravity field models from GOCE data PDF icon
T. van Dam, O. Francis and J. Wahr Absolute Gravity versus Surface Uplift Observations in Greenland PDF icon
M. Weigelt, T. van Dam and O. Francis The Decade of the Geopotential – techniques to observe the gravity field from space PDF icon
G. Jentzsch The Geodynamic Observatory Moxa / Thuringia: History, present status and future plans PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, J.-P. Noël, F. Wielant and S. Naslin The Gsvp balance project developped at the Royal Observatory of Belgium PDF icon
M. Bonatz Metrological Problems with Modern Gravimeters PDF icon
A. Shabanloui, J. Schall and J. Kusche Experiment with the Bonn Scintrex CG-5 PDF icon
Ping Zhu, M. van Ruymbeke and O. Karatekin The Bolometric Oscillation Sensors for Micro- and Nano- satellite missions PDF icon
Thursday, October 3, 2013
Z. Altamimi, X. Collilieux and L. Métivier The International Terrestrial Reference Frame : preparation for ITRF 2013 PDF icon
J. Ray, J. Griffiths, X. Collilieux and P. Rebischung Subseasonal GNSS Positioning Errors PDF icon
T. Meyrath, T. van Dam, and M. Weigelt Inferring gravitational changes from variations in the Earth’s rotation PDF icon
Walter Zuern, Dieter Emter and Heinz Otto Some key experiments for the validation of local elastic effects on Earth Tide tilts and strains PDF icon
M. Bonatz Prediction of Gravimetric Noise for Western Europe PDF icon
N. d’Oreye, B. Smets and S. Samsonov High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Multisensors InSAR time series used for anthropogenic and natural ground deformation monitoring: cases studies of volcanic deformation in DR Congo and mining subsidence in the Greater Region PDF icon
A. Arjona, N. d’Oreye and A. Viloria Detection of Trend Changes and Outliers from Multidimensional Time Series : applications to ground deformation in the Virunga Volcanic Province PDF icon
F. Albino, F. Kervyn, B. Smets and N. d’Oreye Study and monitoring of Virunga volcanoes through Tandem-X interferometry PDF icon
B. Smets, N. d’Oreye and F. Kervyn The importance of multidisciplinary volcano monitoring: pre- and co-eruptive activity during the Nyamulagira 2010 eruption (D.R. Congo) PDF icon
A. Oth and A. Kaiser The fingerprints of earthquake stress release variations: examples from Japan and New Zealand PDF icon
J. Stankiewicz, D. Bindi, A. Oth and S. Parolai Designing efficient earthquake early warning systems: case study of Almaty, Kazakhstan PDF icon
M. Picozzi, A. Zollo, S. Colombelli, A. Emolo, G. Festa, L. Elia, and C. Martino New directions in real-time earthquake characterization, loss and structural damage assessment PDF icon
A. Krein, J. Barrière, A. Oth and R. Schenkluhn Analyzing bedload transport in small rivers of the low mountain range with seismological and hydroacoustic measurements PDF icon
J. Barrière, A. Oth, R. Schenkluhn, A. Krein On the use of the chirplet atomic decomposition for characterizing and classifying bedload signals recorded with hydrophones PDF icon
Walter Zuern and Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig High quality low-degree free oscillation observations with strainmeters at the Black Forest Observatory PDF icon
T. Lecoq, C. Caudron and Florent Brenguier Studying the Earth with ambient seismic noise PDF icon
M. Bonatz The Program-Package GeoDyn16k for detailed Analysis of Gravimetric Time Serie PDF icon
R. Klees (presented by R. Reudink) Susceptibility of the Scintrex CG-5 relative gravimeters to tilts PDF icon
R. Meyer, K. Gillis, J. Snow, A. Klaus and the Expedition 345 Scientists IODP Expedition 345 : Fast-spreading Lower Crust at the Hess Deep Rift No PDF
Friday, October 4, 2013
J.F. Wagner Geophysics in Polluted Site Remediation and Landfill Monitoring PDF icon
R. Meyer and C. Meyer Biogeochemical characterization of Luxembourgian bituminous shales PDF icon
D. Delvaux and B. Smets Neotectonic framework of the Kivu rift region within its Central African context PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, Ping Zhu and Philippe Meuse Strainmeters observations at the Rochefort karstic underground laboratory PDF icon
J. Fernandez Objectives and results of more than 20 years of geodetic research in Canary Islands PDF icon
A. Eicker, J. Schall and J. Kusche High-resolution pattern of secular ice mass loss for Greenland from tailored GRACE solutions PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, R. Vieira, Ping Zhu, G. Tuts, J. Arnoso and E.Velez Multi parametric monitoring EDAS set-up in the Island of Lanzarote (Canarian Archipelago) PDF icon