ECGS Office address

ECGS Office

European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology

Rue Josy Welter, 19
L-7256 Walferdange
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe)
tel: +352-331487-1
fax: +352-331487-88

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How to reach ECGS by train from Luxembourg City

At Luxembourg-City CFL railway-station take the train for line Mersch-Ettelbrück-Troisvierges

After a 10 minutes ride, leave the train: count 3 stops from Luxembourg City railway-station
(first stop is "Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg", then "Dommeldange" and finall comes "Walferdange"). Walk to the office by following the path of the map below.

How to reach ECGS by bus

From the railway station or at the "Banque Générale" at Place Aldringen in the Luxembourg city: (bus takes longer than the train, approx. 15.- minutes)

Catch bus number 290 MERSCH: Weekly the bus leaves every hour at 16-36-56 min. (e.g. 7h16, 7h36, 7h56) on Saturday every 30 min (7.15, 7.45, ....) and on Sunday every hour (7.30, 8.30....)

After a 15 minutes ride, leave the bus in Walferdange after the river bridge (it stops at the bakery)

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