JLG Abstracts

Available Abstracts of the Journées Luxembourgeoises de Géodynamique

JLG97, October 2-4, 2013
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
M. Bonatz Opening lecture: Gravimetric aspects of the present cosmological standard model – Dark Matter und Dark Energy PDF icon
J. Schall, A. Eicker, and J. Kusche Global and regional gravity field models from GOCE data PDF icon
T. van Dam, O. Francis and J. Wahr Absolute Gravity versus Surface Uplift Observations in Greenland PDF icon
M. Weigelt, T. van Dam and O. Francis The Decade of the Geopotential – techniques to observe the gravity field from space PDF icon
G. Jentzsch The Geodynamic Observatory Moxa / Thuringia: History, present status and future plans PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, J.-P. Noël, F. Wielant and S. Naslin The Gsvp balance project developped at the Royal Observatory of Belgium PDF icon
M. Bonatz Metrological Problems with Modern Gravimeters PDF icon
A. Shabanloui, J. Schall and J. Kusche Experiment with the Bonn Scintrex CG-5 PDF icon
Ping Zhu, M. van Ruymbeke and O. Karatekin The Bolometric Oscillation Sensors for Micro- and Nano- satellite missions PDF icon
Thursday, October 3, 2013
Z. Altamimi, X. Collilieux and L. Métivier The International Terrestrial Reference Frame : preparation for ITRF 2013 PDF icon
J. Ray, J. Griffiths, X. Collilieux and P. Rebischung Subseasonal GNSS Positioning Errors PDF icon
T. Meyrath, T. van Dam, and M. Weigelt Inferring gravitational changes from variations in the Earth’s rotation PDF icon
Walter Zuern, Dieter Emter and Heinz Otto Some key experiments for the validation of local elastic effects on Earth Tide tilts and strains PDF icon
M. Bonatz Prediction of Gravimetric Noise for Western Europe PDF icon
N. d’Oreye, B. Smets and S. Samsonov High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Multisensors InSAR time series used for anthropogenic and natural ground deformation monitoring: cases studies of volcanic deformation in DR Congo and mining subsidence in the Greater Region PDF icon
A. Arjona, N. d’Oreye and A. Viloria Detection of Trend Changes and Outliers from Multidimensional Time Series : applications to ground deformation in the Virunga Volcanic Province PDF icon
F. Albino, F. Kervyn, B. Smets and N. d’Oreye Study and monitoring of Virunga volcanoes through Tandem-X interferometry PDF icon
B. Smets, N. d’Oreye and F. Kervyn The importance of multidisciplinary volcano monitoring: pre- and co-eruptive activity during the Nyamulagira 2010 eruption (D.R. Congo) PDF icon
A. Oth and A. Kaiser The fingerprints of earthquake stress release variations: examples from Japan and New Zealand PDF icon
J. Stankiewicz, D. Bindi, A. Oth and S. Parolai Designing efficient earthquake early warning systems: case study of Almaty, Kazakhstan PDF icon
M. Picozzi, A. Zollo, S. Colombelli, A. Emolo, G. Festa, L. Elia, and C. Martino New directions in real-time earthquake characterization, loss and structural damage assessment PDF icon
A. Krein, J. Barrière, A. Oth and R. Schenkluhn Analyzing bedload transport in small rivers of the low mountain range with seismological and hydroacoustic measurements PDF icon
J. Barrière, A. Oth, R. Schenkluhn, A. Krein On the use of the chirplet atomic decomposition for characterizing and classifying bedload signals recorded with hydrophones PDF icon
Walter Zuern and Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig High quality low-degree free oscillation observations with strainmeters at the Black Forest Observatory PDF icon
T. Lecoq, C. Caudron and Florent Brenguier Studying the Earth with ambient seismic noise PDF icon
M. Bonatz The Program-Package GeoDyn16k for detailed Analysis of Gravimetric Time Serie PDF icon
R. Klees (presented by R. Reudink) Susceptibility of the Scintrex CG-5 relative gravimeters to tilts PDF icon
R. Meyer, K. Gillis, J. Snow, A. Klaus and the Expedition 345 Scientists IODP Expedition 345 : Fast-spreading Lower Crust at the Hess Deep Rift No PDF
Friday, October 4, 2013
J.F. Wagner Geophysics in Polluted Site Remediation and Landfill Monitoring PDF icon
R. Meyer and C. Meyer Biogeochemical characterization of Luxembourgian bituminous shales PDF icon
D. Delvaux and B. Smets Neotectonic framework of the Kivu rift region within its Central African context PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, Ping Zhu and Philippe Meuse Strainmeters observations at the Rochefort karstic underground laboratory PDF icon
J. Fernandez Objectives and results of more than 20 years of geodetic research in Canary Islands PDF icon
A. Eicker, J. Schall and J. Kusche High-resolution pattern of secular ice mass loss for Greenland from tailored GRACE solutions PDF icon
M. van Ruymbeke, R. Vieira, Ping Zhu, G. Tuts, J. Arnoso and E.Velez Multi parametric monitoring EDAS set-up in the Island of Lanzarote (Canarian Archipelago) PDF icon
JLG95, November 9-11, 2009
Open Session
Hinderer, J. and the GHYRAF team New results from the GHYRAF (Gravity and Hydrology in Africa) experiment in relation to the use of ground and space geodesy to constrain water storage changes PDF icon
Pfeffer, J., M. Boucher, J. Hinderer, G. Favreau, J. Boy, C. de Linage, B. Luck and M. Oi How absolute gravimetric measurements and magnetic resonance sounding surveys help to constrain water storage variability: the case of a semiarid, endoreic catchment in Sahelian Southwest Niger PDF icon
Riccardi, U., S. Rosat and J. Hinderer Results from some calibration experiments conducted at Strasbourg superconducting gravity station PDF icon
Eicker, A. How can GRACE contribute to our understanding of the Earth system? Satellite gravity data processing at Bonn University and geophysical applications PDF icon
Fernandez, J., A. Arjona, J.F. Prieto, M.A. Santoyo, A. Seco, D. Monells, J.L.G. Pallero, E. Prieto, F. Luzon and J.J. Mallorqui Application of CPT, an advanced DInSAR technique, to study surface displacement near Itoiz dam, Navarra, Spain (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Sansosti, E., A. Pepe, S. Pepe, G. Solaro, P. Tizzani, M. Manzo, G. Zeni and R. Lanari InSAR-based investigation of the April 2009 Abruzzo (Central Italy) earthquake PDF icon
Plenkers, K., G. Kwiatek and the JAGUARS-Group JAGUARS-project: Observation of seismic events with f > 25 kHz at Mponeng deep gold mine, South Africa PDF icon
Special Session I – Continental Rifting
Oyen, A., C. Wauthier, N. d’Oreye and R.F. Hanssen The 2007 rifting event in northern Tanzania studied by C and L-band interferometry PDF icon
D’Oreye, N., P.J. Gonzalez, A. Shuler, L. Bagalwa, G. Ekström, J. Fernandez, D. Kavotha, F. Kervyn, F. Lukaya, E. Osodundu, A. Oth and C. Wauthier Was the February 2008 Bukavu seismic sequence associated with magma intrusion? PDF icon
Wölbern, I., G. Rümpker, M. Lindenfeld and A. Jakovlev Constraints on the seismic structures for the Rwenzori region in western Uganda from local and teleseismic events (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Edel, J.-B. Gravimetric and magnetic constraints on the structure and composition of the crust of the Upper Rhine Graben area: a strong Variscan inheritance PDF icon
Grimmer, J.C., G.H. Eisbacher and W. Fielitz Late Variscan lithospheric extension in the northern Schwarzwald basement (SW-Germany): its possible role in locating the Cenozoic Rhine Graben Rift PDF icon
Barth, A. and J.R.R. Ritter Seismicity pattern and magnitude frequencies of the Upper Rhinegraben (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Schmidt, B. Earthquakes attributed to geothermal plants near fault zones in the north Upper Rhine Graben PDF icon
Ritter, J.R.R., S. Kirschner, M. Wagner and B. Wawerzinek The deep structure of the Upper Rhine Graben: Constraints from teleseismic measurements and geodynamic implications PDF icon
Achauer, U. and G. Herquel Upper mantle structure beneath the southern Rhinegraben based on seismic tomographic imaging and SKS-splitting analysis PDF icon
Knöpfler A., F. Masson, M. Mayer, P. Ulrich and B. Heck GURN (GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network) – Status and first results (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Special Session II – Earthquake ground motions and seismic hazard
Parolai, S., M. Picozzi, D. Bindi, A. Strollo, M. Pilz, D. Di Giacomo and J. Zschau Site effects estimation in urban areas: past and ongoing activities at the GFZ PDF icon
Aochi, H., F. de Martin, A. Kato and the Debate project group Simulation of the 2007 Mw6.6 Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki earthquake: dynamic rupture process, wave propagation and near-field strong ground motion PDF icon
Pilz, M., S. Parolai, R. Wang and J. Zschau Shear wave velocity model of the basin of Santiago de Chile derived from ambient noise measurements for the determination of seismic site conditions and amplification PDF icon
Frischknecht, C., S. Hurter and O. Kaufmann Characterization of local seismic site effects using ambient noise measurements: the case of the soil foundation class D in Geneva PDF icon
Di Giacomo, D., S. Parolai, P. Bormann, H. Grosser, J. Saul, A. Oth and J. Zschau Rapid determination of the energy magnitude Me PDF icon
Oth, A., S. Parolai, D. Bindi and D. Di Giacomo Source properties, site amplification and crustal attenuation in Japan from spectral analysis of K- and KiK-net data PDF icon
Picozzi, M., C. Milkereit, S. Parolai, K. Fleming, J. Zschau, J. Fischer, F. Kühnlenz, B. Lichtblau and I. Eveslage Wireless mesh network of seismic sensors, new perspectives for seismic early warning, earthquake task force missions and monitoring of civil infrastructure PDF icon
Lecocq, T., D. Lombardi, M. Van Camp, K. Vanneste, K. Verbeeck and Th. Camelbeeck The earthquake activity in Central Belgium since July 2008 PDF icon
Ameri, G., D. Bindi, L. Luzi, M. Massa, F. Pacor and R. Paolucci The 6 April 2009 Mw6.3 L’Aquila (Central Italy) earthquake: characteristics of near-fault strong ground motions PDF icon
Sokolov, V. and F. Wenzel Spatial correlation of strong ground motion and uncertainty in earthquake loss estimation (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Bala, A., S.F. Balan, J.R.R. Ritter, D. Hannich Modeling of seismic site amplification based on in situ borehole measurements in Bucharest, Romania (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Lombardi, D., Th. Camelbeeck, G. Rapagnani, M. Van Camp, N. Bergeot, C. Bruyninx, O. Francis, T. Van Dam Geodetic and seismological research initiatives at the new Princess Elisabeth station, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica PDF icon
Gonzalez Mendez, P.J., M. Palano, J. Fernandez Study of the present-day tectonics and seismogenic sources of the Al-Hoceima region (Morocco) using GPS and MTInSAR PDF icon
Jorjiashvili, N. , M. Elashvili Attenuation relation and development of seismic hazard of Caucasus region (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Ousadou, F., R. Harouni, A. Ayad Velocity field along northern Algeria from seismic moment summation of earthquakes (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Shanov, S., A. Boykova Tectonic context of the Black Sea earthquake from the 5th of August 2009 (ML=4.8) PDF icon
Yetirmishli, G. Seismicity and seismic risk of big cities of Azerbaijan territory PDF icon
JLG 94th (November 12-14, 2007)
Monday 12th November 2007
Carlo DENIS Archaean tides and the origin of life PDF iconPDF icon
Emile KLINGELE Airborne gravimetry using a strapped-down LaCoste and Romberg S/A gravimeter: a feasibility study PDF Icon
Jacques HINDERER Issues in the ground validation of space gravity – The GHYRAF (Gravity and HYdrology in AFrica) project PDF Icon
David SCHMERGE Uncertainty of Aquifer-Storage Change Estimated from Temporal Changes in Gravity PDF Icon
Mustapha MEGHRAOUI Large continental faults and seismic gaps: Insights from the seismic strain distribution and geometrical complexities
Tuesday 13th November 2007
Manfred BONATZ What about Gravimetry, if Dark Matter and Dark Energy really exist ? PDF Icon
Marco STRASSER Space and time variations of surface anomalies over Greenland using GRACE PDF Icon
Carlo DENIS Planet Earth, seven milliard years ahead PDF Icon
Michel EVERAERTS Progress report on seasonal gravity campaign carried out on permanent GPS stations in Walloon region PDF Icon
Tavi MURRAY Beneath the ice: geophysical observations at Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica PDF Icon
Romain MEYER Mantle plumes beneath Europe ? Non Merci ! We already have enough imaginary plumes! PDF Icon
Gillian FOULGER The plate model for the Iceland melting anomaly PDF Icon
Jeff FREYMUELLER Spatial Variations in Subduction Zone Plate Coupling, Seismic Slip, and Slow Slip
Thomas JACOB Geodetic monitoring of a karst aquifer in the Larzac region, South of France PDF Icon
Paulo Jorge MENDES CERVEIRA Geodetic versus geophysical Earth rotation PDF Icon
Michel VAN CAMP Are superconducting gravimeters expensive soil moisture probes ? PDF Icon
Flora PAGANELLI et al. Titan’s terrains and northern lakes from SAR and high-resolution radiometry PDF Icon
Bertrand de SAINT-JEAN Estimation of gravity field using moving vector gravimetry and kalman filtering PDF Icon
Wednesday 14th November 2007
Nicolas D’OREYE et al. A major dike intrusion revealed by InSAR: the Lake Natron July 2007 rifting event (Northern Tanzania)
Carolina PAGLI InSAR studies of crustal deformation associated with the 1996 Gjálp eruption, Iceland
Mustapha MEGHRAOUI InSAR determines blind-hidden earthquake faults in North Africa
Emile KLINGELE How to compute orthometric altitudes ? PDF Icon
Vladimir MIHAILOV and Dragi DOJCINOVSKI Seismic monitoring of structures – a tool for urban seismic hazard reduction


JLG 93th (March 13-15, 2006)
Monday March 13, 2006
Camelbeeck Thierry (Observatoire Royal de Belgique) Seismic Hazards and Risks in Belgium PDF Icon
Michel van Ruymbeke, Thierry Camelbeek, Yves Quinif et Eric de Kerchove (Observatoire Royal de Belgique) Geophysical monitoring of ground deformation process in the Rochefort and Ramioul caves (Belgium) PDF Icon
Nguyen F., Garambois S., Jongmans D. (Juelich Research Center Agrosphere ICG-IV, Germany) Shallow geophysical imaging of slow active faults in South-Eastern France: Case studies and developments of methods PDF Icon
Vergnolle M. and F.F. Pollitz (ESGT/CNAM, France) Mechanical deformation model of the western United States instantaneous strain-rate field PDF Icon
Nicolas Bergeot, Marie-Noëlle Bouin, Marc Regnier, Michel Diament (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Arc partitioning due to ridge collision with an oceanic subduction trench : example of Vanuatu (South-western Pacific) PDF Icon
Tuesday March 14, 2006
Stephan Piruzyan, Salomon Kroonenberg (TUD Delft, The Netherlands) Junctions of large faults as the indicator of maltifocus large earthquakes (North Armenia region): seismicity and seismotectonic implication No PDF
Samir Belabbes, Mustapha Meghraoui & Ziyadin Çakir (IPG Strasbourg, France) The active deformation along the plate boundary in North Africa: Earthquake characteristics deduced from InSAR PDF Icon
N. d´Oreye (Musée National d´Histoire Naturelle, Luxembourg), F.Kervyn, J. Fernandez and the SAMAAV team InSAR Analysis and Monitoring of Active African Volcanoes using radar satellite imagery: the SAMAAV project – Preliminary results PDF Icon
Sophie Bertrand, Mustapha Meghraoui, Erhan Altunel, Rob Reillinger & Semih Ergintav (IPG Strasbourg, France) Slip rate from GPS and active deformation at the junction between the East Anatolian Fault and the Dead Sea Fault (southern Turkey): Kinematic modelling and seismotectonic implications PDF Icon
Shfaqat Abbas Khan (Danish Space Center) Crustal Deformations in Greenland PDF Icon
Joelle Nicolas (Laboratoire de Géodésie et Géomatique (L2G), ESGT/CNAM) Seasonal effect on vertical positioning by Laser and GPS and on Absolute Gravity at the OCA geodetic station, Grasse, France PDF Icon
Vergnolle, M., M.-N. Bouin, S. Melachroinos, L. Morel, S. Durand, J. Nicolas, and F. Masson (ESGT / CNAM, France) GPS multi-software analysis applied to 3D ocean loading effects in NW France PDF Icon
Philippe Rosset Identification of zones prone to seismic site effects in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg PDF Icon
Ken Senior (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory) Current Issues in Geodetic Time/Frequency Transfer PDF Icon
Sébastien Naslin & Michel van Ruymbeke (Observatoire Royal de Belgique) Application of gravitational forces to micro-force balances PDF Icon
Pablo J. González, Fernández J., Pérez N. (Instituto de Astronomia y Geodesia, CSIC-UCM, Madrid, Spain) Deriving tridimensional displacement maps using geodetic techniques. Preliminary results PDF Icon
David Schmerge (USA) Estimating Aquifer-Storage Change Using Temporal Changes in Gravity PDF Icon
Dragi Dojcinovski, Vladimir Mihailov (Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS), Republic of Macedonia) analysis of global damage and functioning of highway systems in earthquake conditions PDF Icon
Wednesday March 15, 2006
Jim Ray (National Geodetic Survey NOAA N/NGS6) Systematic errors in GPS position estimates PDF Icon
Zuheir Altamimi (ENSG/LAREG) ITRF2005 preliminary results: geocenter and scale time variations PDF Icon
Xavier Collilieux, David Coulot , Zuheir Altamimi (ENSG/LAREG) Assessment of seasonal signals in ITRF2005 residuals time series. What could be their impacts on the combined solution? PDF Icon
Olivier De Viron, M. Diament, I. Panet, V. Mikhailov (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris) Observing geodynamic signal from GRACE data PDF Icon
Bert Wouters (DEOS, Delft University of Technology) Observing ocean mass and heat storage changes using GRACE and altimetry PDF Icon
Juergen Kusche (DEOS, Delft University of Technology) On the recovery of surface loads from a combination of satellite gravimetry and geometric positioning PDF Icon


JLG 92th (November 8-10, 2004)
Monday November 8, 2004
David Lavallee (School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle, UK): Observing surface mass loading with the Global Positioning System: Geocenter motions and surface deformation PDF Icon
Joelle Nicolas (Laboratoire de Géodésie et Géomatique ESGT / CNAM, Le Mans, France) Contribution from laser, GPS, and absolute gravimetry to the study of seasonal effects on vertical positioning PDF Icon
Stéphane Durand (Laboratoire de Géodésie et Géomatique ESGT / CNAM , Le Mans, France) Analysis of the GPS time series from the 2004 Ocean Loading Campaign in Brittany PDF Icon
Tuesday November 9, 2004
Richard Gross and Ben Chao (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, USA) Seismic Excitation of Earth Rotation and Gravitational Field PDF Icon
Lalu Mansinha (Dept. Earth Sciences Univ. Western Ontario, Canada) An attempt to detect the propagating gravitational disturbance from earthquakes PDF Icon
Nigel Penna (School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Bedson Building,Newcastle, UK) Investigating the propagation of periodic errors into GNSS coordinate time series PDF Icon
Mendes Cerveira Paulo Jorge (Advanced Geodesy, IGG Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Autria) GPS and VLBI results for geodynamic studies PDF Icon
Giancarlo D’Agostino (CNR Istituto di Metrologia “G. Colonnetti”, Turin, Italy) A new method to estimate the time-position coordinates of a free falling test-mass in absolute gravimetry PDF Icon
Ana Claudia Teodoro (DMA, Porto, Portugal) Coastal zones monitoring using remote sensing Satellite data PDF Icon
Janete Borges (DMA, Porto, Portugal) Supervised classification methods for deriving land cover maps from satellite images PDF Icon
Wednesday November 10, 2004
J. Van Hove (TU Delft, The Netherlands) Post-seismic Deformation in the Vrancea Region (Romania) PDF Icon
Zerbini Susanna (Department of Physics, University of Bologna, Italy) Comparison and integration of space and terrestrial techniques for monitoring crustal deformation No PDF
David Schmerge (US Geological Survey, USA) Assessment of the Precision and Accuracy of the A10 Absolute Gravimeter. PDF Icon


JLG 91th (Oct, 6th to 8th 2003)
Monday Oct. 6th, 2003
Kevin Fleming Contributions to contemporary sea-level and geoid changes about Greenland PDF Icon
Björn Geirr Harsson The Great Russian Scandinavian meridian arc measurements, 1816-1852 PDF Icon
Anatoly Schreider Geomagnetic investigations of the Indian Ocean PDF Icon
J.Y. Guo and H. Greiner-Mai Clues for detecting the inner core wobble — Polar motion, gravity and geopotential variation PDF Icon
Rosset P., De La Puente A., Chouinard L. and Mitchel D. Seismic risk mitigation for the Montreal urban community (Canada): evaluation of soil amplification – developpment and applications
PDF Icon
Bjorn Geirr Harsson (slide show) Geodesy in Norway the last 50 years No PDF
Tuesday Oct. 7, 2003
J.Y. Guo, H. Greiner-Mai, J. Neumeyer A folding-averaging method of spectral analysis with application to SG data for detecting Earth’s free oscillation PDF Icon
Denis Jongmans Non linear inversion of microtremor array measurements for deriving Vs vertical profiles PDF Icon
Hans-Joachim Kümpel Stability of Geodetic reference points in NY-Alesund permafrost ground from one year of tilt monitoring PDF Icon
Hans-Joachim Kümpel Near surface tilt induced by ground water pumping: recent progresses PDF Icon
Carlo Denis On global deformations and Love’s numbers No PDF
Wednesday Oct. 8, 2003
Pedro Elosegui Environmental Signals in GPS data: Crustal Loading due to Lake Water and Mountain Snow PDF Icon
Guy Woppelmann Global GPS analysis for geodetic tide gauge monitoring No PDF
Michel Van Camp, Philippe Richard and Thierry Camelbeeck Redefining the kilogram and measuring crustal deformation using an absolute gravimeter PDF Icon
Frederick Boudin Instrumental development of a long base silica tiltmeter and high resolution Continuous Tilt measurement on Trizonia Island, Corinth Rift, Greece
PDF Icon
B. Ritschel Data Management of GGP SG-Products- Current Status and Future Plans No PDF


JLG 90th (Nov, 4th to 6th 2002)
Monday Nov. 4, 2002
Roger Bilham Death and Construction: earthquakes on an urban planet No PDF
Tony Lowry Silent Slip and the Earthquake cycle on major faults No PDF
Bruno Meurers Gravity anomaly determination in mountains areas – general aspects revisited PDF Icon
James Campbell Status and future plans of the European Geodetic VLBI Network No PDF
Tuesday Nov. 5, 2002
David Salstein Atmospheric mass and motion signals in the Earth’s orientation and other properties PDF Icon
Ernst Schrama A quality assessment of the GRACE monthly geoids solutions in view of tide and air pressuremodelling errors PDF Icon
François Barlier The European Project GALILEO PDF Icon
Roger Bilham Indian, Himalayan and African tectonics No PDF
C.K. Shum 20th Century Sea Level Rise: a Geophysical Perspective No PDF
Pascal Gegout High Precision Love Numbers and 3D Atmospheric Loading for the GRACE mission. No PDF
Mustapha Meghraoui Large Earthquake Sequences along Main Continental Faults: Constraints of the faulting behaviour in the Eastern mediterranean No PDF
Carlo Denis How much can the core possibly contribute to the secular variation of LOD ? PDF Icon
Wednesday Nov. 6, 2002
Joachim Ritter Results of the Eifel plume project and geodynamic interpretations PDF Icon
Michael Jordan Tomografy in the Eifel-region No PDF
Matthias Keyser The gravity signal in the Eifel-region No PDF
Andreas Barth Teleseismic P-wave-tomography between Eifel and Massiv Central No PDF
Marijke Brondeel Experiences with atmospheric pressure loading and GPS vertical estimates PDF Icon


JLG 89th (Nov. 12,13 and 14, 2001)
Monday Nov. 12, 2001
Duncan Agnew Measuring crustal deformation with long-base instruments: 30 years of experience in California. No PDF
Freysteinn Sigmundsson Iceland geodynamics: Role of InSAR and other geodetic techniques for study of plate boundary behavior and volcanic systems. PDF Icon
Rikke Pedersen Icelandic surface deformation due to earthquakes and volcanoes visualised by InSAR. PDF Icon
Hans-Georg Scherneck BIFROST Observing the postglacial rebound in Fennoscandia using continuous GPS . PDF Icon
Fabrice Hernandez Mean Dynamic Topography for Satellite Altimetry: two approaches: from oceanographic data or satellite gravimetry PDF Icon
Tuesday Nov. 13, 2001
John Wahr Satellite measurements of time-variable gravity: what will they tell us about the Earth? PDF Icon
Georges Balmino The GOCE dedicated gravity mission. Expectation and preparation. PDF Icon
Roger Haagmans GOCE The first core mission of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme and a concept for applications at regional scales. No PDF
Bert Vermeersen Geoid signatures from glacial isostatic adjustment models with low-viscosity crustal zones in the realm of the GOCE satellite mission PDF Icon
Per Knudsen Correcting GRACE gravimetry for ocean tide effects PDF Icon
Richard Ray Tidal friction in the Earth and Ocean PDF Icon
Tim Niebauer Results from a new vertical gravity gradiometer. No PDF
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2001
Mirko Scheinert Geodynamic Investigations in Dronning Maud Land/Antarctica PDF Icon
Simon Williams Absolute gravity measurements in the UK PDF Icon
Machiel Bos Long period tides observed in gravity and VLBI observations at Ny-Alesund, Spitzbergen PDF Icon
J. Lima et al. GPS and microgravity observations in the Fogo Volcano, Cape Verde Islands No PDF