JLG95 abstracts

The 95th Journées Luxembourgeoises de Géodynamique (JLG95) took place at trifolion in Echternach, Luxembourg from November 9th to 11th, 2009.

JLG95 participants

Download the submitted abstracts by the JLG95th participants:

JLG95, November 9-11, 2009
Open Session
Hinderer, J. and the GHYRAF team New results from the GHYRAF (Gravity and Hydrology in Africa) experiment in relation to the use of ground and space geodesy to constrain water storage changes PDF icon
Pfeffer, J., M. Boucher, J. Hinderer, G. Favreau, J. Boy, C. de Linage, B. Luck and M. Oi How absolute gravimetric measurements and magnetic resonance sounding surveys help to constrain water storage variability: the case of a semiarid, endoreic catchment in Sahelian Southwest Niger PDF icon
Riccardi, U., S. Rosat and J. Hinderer Results from some calibration experiments conducted at Strasbourg superconducting gravity station PDF icon
Eicker, A. How can GRACE contribute to our understanding of the Earth system? Satellite gravity data processing at Bonn University and geophysical applications PDF icon
Fernandez, J., A. Arjona, J.F. Prieto, M.A. Santoyo, A. Seco, D. Monells, J.L.G. Pallero, E. Prieto, F. Luzon and J.J. Mallorqui Application of CPT, an advanced DInSAR technique, to study surface displacement near Itoiz dam, Navarra, Spain (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Sansosti, E., A. Pepe, S. Pepe, G. Solaro, P. Tizzani, M. Manzo, G. Zeni and R. Lanari InSAR-based investigation of the April 2009 Abruzzo (Central Italy) earthquake PDF icon
Plenkers, K., G. Kwiatek and the JAGUARS-Group JAGUARS-project: Observation of seismic events with f > 25 kHz at Mponeng deep gold mine, South Africa PDF icon
Special Session I – Continental Rifting
Oyen, A., C. Wauthier, N. d’Oreye and R.F. Hanssen The 2007 rifting event in northern Tanzania studied by C and L-band interferometry PDF icon
D’Oreye, N., P.J. Gonzalez, A. Shuler, L. Bagalwa, G. Ekström, J. Fernandez, D. Kavotha, F. Kervyn, F. Lukaya, E. Osodundu, A. Oth and C. Wauthier Was the February 2008 Bukavu seismic sequence associated with magma intrusion? PDF icon
Wölbern, I., G. Rümpker, M. Lindenfeld and A. Jakovlev Constraints on the seismic structures for the Rwenzori region in western Uganda from local and teleseismic events (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Edel, J.-B. Gravimetric and magnetic constraints on the structure and composition of the crust of the Upper Rhine Graben area: a strong Variscan inheritance PDF icon
Grimmer, J.C., G.H. Eisbacher and W. Fielitz Late Variscan lithospheric extension in the northern Schwarzwald basement (SW-Germany): its possible role in locating the Cenozoic Rhine Graben Rift PDF icon
Barth, A. and J.R.R. Ritter Seismicity pattern and magnitude frequencies of the Upper Rhinegraben (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Schmidt, B. Earthquakes attributed to geothermal plants near fault zones in the north Upper Rhine Graben PDF icon
Ritter, J.R.R., S. Kirschner, M. Wagner and B. Wawerzinek The deep structure of the Upper Rhine Graben: Constraints from teleseismic measurements and geodynamic implications PDF icon
Achauer, U. and G. Herquel Upper mantle structure beneath the southern Rhinegraben based on seismic tomographic imaging and SKS-splitting analysis PDF icon
Knöpfler A., F. Masson, M. Mayer, P. Ulrich and B. Heck GURN (GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network) – Status and first results (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Special Session II – Earthquake ground motions and seismic hazard
Parolai, S., M. Picozzi, D. Bindi, A. Strollo, M. Pilz, D. Di Giacomo and J. Zschau Site effects estimation in urban areas: past and ongoing activities at the GFZ PDF icon
Aochi, H., F. de Martin, A. Kato and the Debate project group Simulation of the 2007 Mw6.6 Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki earthquake: dynamic rupture process, wave propagation and near-field strong ground motion PDF icon
Pilz, M., S. Parolai, R. Wang and J. Zschau Shear wave velocity model of the basin of Santiago de Chile derived from ambient noise measurements for the determination of seismic site conditions and amplification PDF icon
Frischknecht, C., S. Hurter and O. Kaufmann Characterization of local seismic site effects using ambient noise measurements: the case of the soil foundation class D in Geneva PDF icon
Di Giacomo, D., S. Parolai, P. Bormann, H. Grosser, J. Saul, A. Oth and J. Zschau Rapid determination of the energy magnitude Me PDF icon
Oth, A., S. Parolai, D. Bindi and D. Di Giacomo Source properties, site amplification and crustal attenuation in Japan from spectral analysis of K- and KiK-net data PDF icon
Picozzi, M., C. Milkereit, S. Parolai, K. Fleming, J. Zschau, J. Fischer, F. Kühnlenz, B. Lichtblau and I. Eveslage Wireless mesh network of seismic sensors, new perspectives for seismic early warning, earthquake task force missions and monitoring of civil infrastructure PDF icon
Lecocq, T., D. Lombardi, M. Van Camp, K. Vanneste, K. Verbeeck and Th. Camelbeeck The earthquake activity in Central Belgium since July 2008 PDF icon
Ameri, G., D. Bindi, L. Luzi, M. Massa, F. Pacor and R. Paolucci The 6 April 2009 Mw6.3 L’Aquila (Central Italy) earthquake: characteristics of near-fault strong ground motions PDF icon
Sokolov, V. and F. Wenzel Spatial correlation of strong ground motion and uncertainty in earthquake loss estimation (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Bala, A., S.F. Balan, J.R.R. Ritter, D. Hannich Modeling of seismic site amplification based on in situ borehole measurements in Bucharest, Romania (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Lombardi, D., Th. Camelbeeck, G. Rapagnani, M. Van Camp, N. Bergeot, C. Bruyninx, O. Francis, T. Van Dam Geodetic and seismological research initiatives at the new Princess Elisabeth station, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica PDF icon
Gonzalez Mendez, P.J., M. Palano, J. Fernandez Study of the present-day tectonics and seismogenic sources of the Al-Hoceima region (Morocco) using GPS and MTInSAR PDF icon
Jorjiashvili, N. , M. Elashvili Attenuation relation and development of seismic hazard of Caucasus region (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Ousadou, F., R. Harouni, A. Ayad Velocity field along northern Algeria from seismic moment summation of earthquakes (Extended Abstract) PDF icon
Shanov, S., A. Boykova Tectonic context of the Black Sea earthquake from the 5th of August 2009 (ML=4.8) PDF icon
Yetirmishli, G. Seismicity and seismic risk of big cities of Azerbaijan territory PDF icon