Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry for mapping natural and anthropogenic hazards

The aim of this work is monitoring ground deformation produced by volcanic, seismic and anthropogenic sources and modeling observed ground deformation for derivation of various geophysical parameters.

The following regions are currently studied (using the following satellite data):

  1. Luxembourg, ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT (CAT-1 ESA), TanDEM-X (DLR)
  2. Congo, ERS-1/2, ENVISAT, ALOS (CAT-1 ESA proposal), RADARSAT-2 (SOAR), TanDEM-X (DLR)
  3. Taupo Volcanic Zone and Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand, ALOS PALSAR
  4. Hayward Fault, California, RADARSAT-2 (SOAR)
  5. Tenerife Island, Canaries, ENVISAT and ALOS (CAT-1 ESA)